New York City Living Without NYC Stress

Submitted by ub on Wed, 06/22/2011 - 21:02

Is that city crosstown traffic, those loud horns, creaking buses, subway sounds and tourists finally getting to you?
Then consider a very smart move to City Island, NY and commute to Manhattan, aka The City.

On the corner of City Island Avenue and Fordham Street, you will find one of several NYC bus stops‎.

MTA Buses stop:

BX29 to Pelham Bay Station #6 SUBWAY TRAIN

BXM7A - Midtown - Manhattan Via 5 Avenue

For Additional information:

Co-Op Buildings Blacked Out

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Many Co-op City buildings were blacked out for hours this week. Although there were no injuries and no reports of residents being trapped in elevators. According to officials, there were electrical outages at several buildings as well as townhouses.

A management spokesman said that the power went out by a circuit breaker. The cause of the blackout is still under investigation and as far as anyone can tell, there's no equipment failure with Con Ed.

Fed Says Economic Problems Persist

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Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke says some of the problems that are slowing the economy could persist into 2012.

Big Ben says the slowdown could be as a result of a troubled housing market and other factors that will continue to depress growth into next year.

He says some of the headwinds that are concerning the market, like the weakness in financial sector, problems in the housing sector may be stronger and more persistent than originally thought.

US Troops May Soon Begin To Leave Afghanistan

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US President Barack Obama is expected to make good on his promise to start drawing-down on the 100,000 US troops in Afghanistan.

The speech, which is expected to be delivered tonight has many questions left to be answered, like the final troop figures, which remains the subject of speculation, but guessing precisely what those figures will be was insider Washington’s popular political game.

On this First Full Day of Summer...

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Summer 2011 officially began yesterday, marking the most extreme annual northern hemisphere tilt toward the sun of 23.4 degrees as well as the longest period of daylight (whereas the reverse is true for our Southern Hemisphere readers).

In case some of you northerners and New Yorkers need a reminder of our past winter, here is a photo taken on City Island, NYC showing one of our famous, or some would say infamous snow storms. ENJOY!

ALSO check out GOOGLE: Images for summer 2011

Way to go, JIMMY

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Bronx Councilman Jimmy Vacca-D 13th District is sponsoring bills which NYC lawmakers are expected to consider, aiming to increase fairness to our citizens in city parking regulations.

One bill would institute a pilot program requiring agents to photograph violations before issuing tickets.
Other measures include new parking placards to be be scanned and verify authenticity, also one-day permits for residents who are moving and suspension of alternate-side regulations when movie shoots tie up spaces.

The Steps Required beweeen MAD & HUG

Submitted by ub on Tue, 06/21/2011 - 10:47

My older brother, who is a shrink would certainly agree that there is a right and wrong way of telling someone you are angry at them, or disappointed with their actions. Consider expressing yourself in the following way;

CALM DOWN: Take a walk, rest and allow your emotions to cool. Identify the cause and find a time to chat.

ACKNOWLEDGE THE DIFFICULTY: This is hard for me to say and difficult for you to hear, but....

SAY I, NOT YOU: I feel hurt, or sad. When someone is accused, they often respond by defending themselves.

FIND OUT WHY? Ask for the other person's viewpoint, and pay attention of what they think?

11th Hour Resignation

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Following many days of political foot-dragging, US Representative Anthony Weiner, D NY will officially submit his long awaited resignation on Tuesday @ Midnight.

Rep.Weiner was undone by his sexting, officially notified Speaker John Boehner and New York state officials in a resignation letter which is to be read on the House floor Tuesday, his last day in Congress.

This move can not come soon enough for many, who called for Weiner's resignation after he admitted tweeting explicit photos of himself to women. Weiner was elected in 1998.

Summer Swings In Tomorrow @ 1:16P

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Ready or not, we are getting closer to the first day of Summer June 21st, 2011- The summer solstice is the longest day of the year, the Sun reaches its most northern point in the sky at local noon.

All our the days start getting shorter, so get busy and complete all this tasks you have been putting off.

To celebrate, the Federal Government has announced that everyone will be allowed Free Entrance Days in all the National Parks.

America's Best Idea – the National Parks – gets even better with fee-free at more than 100 national parks that usually charge entrance fees.*

Additional City Island Theater Group AUDITIONS

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CITG announces auditions for Peggy the Pint Sized Pirate by D. M. Bocaz-Larson.

Peggy is a little pirate who wants to sail the seas but is always picked last for a crew. But when the other pirates are captured by a sea monster, it's up to Peggy to save the day.


PEGGY - a small pirate who sets out to rescue the pirates from a sea monster

SCUMMY - young pirate who says mean things to PEGGY

BOB - Brave can be either gender (Bob can be short for Roberta). One of the mean pirates who pick on PEGGY.

SUE - the Smelly can be changed to Sam. Another mean pirate.