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According to NYPD, teens have mugged another man in Fordham section of the Bronx. A 16 old punk told his victim to hand over all his money as he squeezed his neck while cornering him on East 197th Street, near Webster Avenue.

The victim handed over $100 while another delinquent pointed a gun at him and acted as a lookout.

These thugs also swiped $90 from the man's wallet before fleeing. Cops caught the teens minutes later.

Celebrate “The Anne Hutchinson Year”

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The East Bronx History Forum & The Women’s Herstory Association Ccelebrate “The Anne Hutchinson Year”
Saturday June 25th 10:00 a.m. to Noon with Thomas X. Casey and Toby Z. Liederman (Picture on Right)
Photo by YChen

“A Walking Tour of the Anne Hutchinson Homestead:
Where Do YOU Think She Lived?”

The walking tour is free and open to the public.


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Firehouse closures and cutbacks have become a recurring threat in Mayor Bloomberg's annual budget process.
In the past, NYC City Council members have restored funding to keep firehouses open.

How long will it take this time around? That is what City Island residents, including Virginia Gallagher, Ed Sadler, Jackie Kyle Kall and many other seniors, as well as distinguished members of our City Island community were asking?

Housing on City Island?

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I recently helped a good friend of mine find a wonderful little cottage on
City Island and she moved her long life from New Jersey to the island. She
just learned that she has to leave by March because the house is being torn
down less than a year after she moved in.

She is a perfect tenant in that she is in her late 50s, single,
a full time RN at Einstein, no pets, quiet, into yoga,
makes her environment beautiful so will improve anywhere she lives,
non-smoker and responsible. She can move anytime before March so if you hear


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FYI: There's enough free entertainment out there to make anyone wonder why paying for cable is necessary.
The program you want to see can be found online in many cases and all you have to do to access it is watch a short 30-second commercial before the opening scenes, or a longer two-minute ad where a commercial break would normally be. That is not a bad price, considering most of us watch TV ads anyway.

If you're ready to cash in on these freebies yourself, here are tips:


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City Island Civic Association has worked since 1950 to maintain quality of life on the Island by:

* Acting as a clearing house for information
* Serving as a liaison with city agencies and political leaders
* Enabling residents to voice their concerns
* Monitoring and reporting illegal activities and violations
* Functioning as activists to protect City Island interests
* Cooperating with other City Island organizations
* Networking with neighbors

Some of CICA accomplishments include:

* Helping to close the landfill in Pelham Bay Park


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City Islanders turned out in numbers to The Lido Restaurant to protest the proposed closure of our ladder 53 company. However, FDNY and Mayor Bloomberg were no shows, instead the offered a video camera to view our concerns at a later date.

The many elected NYC officials who turned out to the rally were all against Bloomberg's plan to close Ladder 53.
They all agreed that this is a safety and quality of life issue for City Island residents and businesses alike.

We put Bloomberg in office, we can vote Bloomberg out of office...

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It's time for City Islanders to go after the man who has made not one, not two, but quite a few mistakes, which have effected our safety and the quality of life of our children and family members.

I am sick of Mayor Bloomberg's continuing threats and increasing belligerent attitude. There should be an ethics investigation to look into how many people he has hired who were not qualified to fill important positions and who did not have the necessary experience. Let’s also investigate every one of his decisions and appointments.


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NOTE: Mussel Suckers, Clam Diggers, All City Islanders and Business Owners.


by Council Member James Vacca and the City Island Civic Association.


Fire Department representatives have been invited to attend.

The Lido Restaurant

101 City Island Avenue at Pilot Street

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 @ 7P

Community Involvement

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Please, note that The City Island Civic Association meets on the last Tuesday of every month (except December) at the City Island Community Center, 190 Fordham Street. Meetings start at 7:30 p.m.

All residents of City Island who wish to bring concerns are always welcomed.

Paying your dues is also important, so please try to stay current if you can!