NYC Ticker Tape Parade

Submitted by ub on Tue, 07/09/2019 - 22:56

New Yorkers love a parade, and these festivities have been around for longer than we can recall. but these women athletes of Team #USA 🇺🇸 earned it and deserve their special day in The Big Apple.

At City Hall, Mayor Bill de Blasio called it The Canyon of Heroines while presenting Team USA with a proclamation, a medal, a scroll, or a key to the city. They are the champions.

What Me Worry?

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A character who drifted through #USA iconography for decades and appeared in the mid-1940s, then later in a presidential campaign and now as POTUS. The issue is that half of his presidency is now over but he has yet to reach at least a 50 percent approval ratings.

Has this got him running scared, or has he now decided on doing some pole dancing or poll watching?

His fear of polls possibly drove Trump’s stress about America’s carbon emissions, as he did during a speech yesterday


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Another POTUS Trump Attorney General reportedly disqualifies himself from participation in the decision of a case because of prejudice against a personal interest in the outcome. This time it is not about Russia, it is about alleged illegal trafficking sex acts in the Epstein case. Are these really the best people in America?

Education 101

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Lately, I am hearing way too many people inappropriately using the word LIKE and I do not like it at all. Furthermore, our schools are not teaching the basic reading, writing, arithmetic, science and communication skills necessary to be competitive.

What follows is a basic curriculum in life that an adolescent should know before reaching adulthood. There will probably be other skills you can add to this list, so please do it.

We The People In Court

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Back In February 2019, a U.S. district judge ruled that prosecutors violated the federal Crime Victims’ Rights Act by not allowing more than 30 victims know about a plea deal so they would have a chance to oppose it.

Maurene Comey, who is the daughter of fired FBI director James Comey reportedly, happens to be one of the new prosecutors in the Epstein case, as the people’s plot thickens, according to well placed sources with knowledge of the case.

Song, Canción, 歌曲

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Since many agree that music is the universal language we're looking at songs. Lyrics, with music, which are categorized online.

By incorporating lyrics with music, the song takes on a new shape by offering insight into our world and share in humanity.

Do you enjoy a superb song as much as most? Regardless of the language, your culture, or the language you speak, there are differences in the most fabulous favorite tunes.

Grab Them By The USA

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USWNT wins Women's World Cup thanks to Megan Rapinoe and Rose Lavelle goals. When a novice is faced with a foe as experienced and ruthless as the USWNT at the Women's World Cup, the outcome is almost inevitable and so it was on a muggy afternoon in Lyon when the reigning world champion defended its title with a comfortable 2-0 win over the Netherlands.

To The Republic

Submitted by ub on Sat, 07/06/2019 - 16:31

The next Congress and a new President must be open to what We The People want as a public forum to solve the issues and fix the laws interactively thru digital brainstorming. NOT FOLLOWING THOSE OF SPECIAL INTERESTS.

Let's have all the candidates form a PACT that ensures whoever the winner is will hire all the other candidates as their next Cabinet members. Because there is strength in numbers NO MATTER WHICH ONE IS ELECTED PRESIDENT.

California Screaming

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California screaming on such a Summer’s stay for those around LA for the past few days, as a couple of earthquakes and dozens of aftershocks are rattling The Southland. A second quake hit near Ridgecrest, California last night, bigger than the night before.

I went to bed praying, which is something I don't do often. I prayed for the safety of my family, for friends and anyone who may be experiencing the terror of not knowing when the next quake will hit. Thank God I heard from both my daughters. They said they and their families are safe.

POTUS Modus Operandi

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Modus Operandi is a method of procedure and in his case a distinct pattern of operation which suggests the work of a single individual in multiple actions.

POTUS obvious MO and his only way to stay in a news cycle is when DonaldTrump makes a series of false claims or sends Tweets and then fact checkers keep mentioning him while his base eats it up and loves it more and more. #DONews … #CityImages