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if you were asked to list who do you personally consider to be the greatest all gender crooners of all time what would you say?

Crooner is a term used to describe singers who established a name and their fortunes performing a smooth style made possible by better microphones which picked up quieter sounds and a wider range of frequencies, allowing the vocalist to access a more dynamic range and deliver it in a more intimate manner.

We’ll give you two hints… Rosalía is last and…Martha Reeves is 151 So who’s got the number one spot?

Hotel Pennsylvania

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The Hotel Pennsylvania is falling slowly, and in a matter of a few months, it will be gone for good or bad, depending on your POV.

I attended events at hotel everyman PA65000 and even stayed there overnight at this grand structure once or twice, but not while Fidel was there, or else there would have been a much better story to tell.

Meanwhile, Castro, the leader of Cuba, was at the hotel in 1959 and a photo of the main lobby—the New York Times Image.

Most Crowded Islands

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Santa Cruz del Islote in Colombia has got to be one of the most challenging and crowded islands to live on the face of this Earth.

I was born on an island known as the Pearl of The Antilles because Christopher Columbus claimed Cuba for Spain in 1492 when it was the realm of the Arawakan-speaking Taino people who had displaced even earlier inhabitants. It became the Spanish empire's most important source of raw sugar in the 18th century and later earned the name 'Pearl of the Antilles.'

Bless Their Hearts

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"Bless their hearts" is a figure of speech familiar to the United States and most prevalent in the southern states where I have lived.

This phrase has multiple meanings and is used to express genuine sympathy but more often as an insult that conveys condescension, ridicule, or contempt. It may also be considered a precursor to abuse to mitigate its severity.

Write Wrongs

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We only need a pen, paper, and a keyboard to write a compelling copy, and we should also put down that dangerous sword.

The pen is mightier than the sword is a metonymic adage created by English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839, indicating that the written word is more effective than violence for social or political change.

Unlucky Whales?

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Why have 23 Whales washed up along the shore dead along the East coast of the United States sinc4 December 2023? 

Usually, they only stay under for about 20 minutes, but different whales do different things. Whales can only survive a few hours on land. They breathe the air just fine. The problem is that their fat holds in too much heat.

Unusual winds, tidal patterns, and ocean currents can increase the chances that whales will become stranded on a beach, and such changes could be exacerbated by climate change. February 21, 2023

Diversity Trumps Woke

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Principles of freedom and diversity, equity, and inclusion may sometimes and perhaps increasingly disagree and often collide.

The notion is wrong in suggesting that freedom must always prevail in this clash of values. This conclusion is terrible not just as a matter of principle but also as a matter of law.

No matter how revered the rights conferred by the First Amendment are undoubtedly some of our most revered, they are never absolute. As a matter of law, even the most fundamental rights can be infringed if necessary to achieve some more pressing public purpose.

A Word To The Wise

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An insufferable lout becomes a national celebrity and proceeds to destroy himself and everything and everyone around him.

This is after he flies nonstop around the world. Think about history with Charles Lindbergh. In addition, a short intro to the story by Henry Fonda.

Jack ("Pal") Smurch has become shorthand for a hero, politician, or celebrity who, in person, turns out to be a lout or a stupid, rude, awkward person; a clumsy, ill-mannered boor; or an oaf.

Everyone who knows him knows what he's like, but everyone is reluctant to say anything about it.