Help Wanted

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Do you love images, words, and videos that tell a compelling story and make the readers feel special?  Are you aware of how good script, sounds, and images help to evoke our emotions?  Do you want to create meaningful work that you know will help shape the future of the planet?  Then you would be the perfect addition to the Management Team at Imaginus Media.

RIP: Jackie Kyle Kall

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Funeral Services are being held for Jackie Kyle Kall at the Pelham Cemetary on King avenue City Island at 1P TODAY

#CityImages just spoke with last Kall standing and her 60-year-old son Chris says that CityIsland’s Grand Dames passed away at Carini Homes in Dobbs Ferry of cardiac arrest at age 95. JACKIE KYLE KALL was loved by Clam Diggers and Mussel Suckers alike.

Crash and Burn

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The #Republicans have had a spectacular four-year failure and fall from grace originating from losing a political land, sea, and aerial dogfight, that is accompanied by POTUS arms flailing, hand gestures, and sound effects after crashing, burning an entire Grand Old Party in the #USA landscape.

Lord of The Flies and Lies

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Last night's spectacle was the race for a second-place job In the first and the only #VPDebate between US Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence which parroted many of the lies and false or misleading claims we have heard before, except for a captivating phase when small filthy fly managed to sneak in the door and was attracted to a dense landing place.

NEJM Injects Opinion

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In a highly unusual and unprecedented move, the editors of the New England Journal of Medicine have condemned the Republican administration of Donald J Trump and Mike Pence for their response to the #Covid19 global pandemic and The publication is calling for this current USA leadership to be voted out of office on Election Day without delay.

The highly respected publication is urging all Americans to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for President and Vice President of The United States of America.

The VP Debate

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TONIGHT Tonight won't be just any night

RIP Eddie Van Halen

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Van Halen, a superb six-stringer and one of the most popular and influential heavy metal guitarists of all time is dead from cancer.

The legendary rock guitarist, Eddie Van Halen, has died at age 65. Van Halen's son, Wolf confirmed the news on Tuesday.
"I can't believe I'm having to write this, but my father, Edward Lodewijk Van Halen, has lost his long and arduous battle with cancer.” …

The Wizard of Loss

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By Kenneth Tiven

In Journalism school, one famous professor always said, “You tell big stories with small pictures.” For a modest glimpse into how President Donald J. Trump, created the impression that he is a smart businessman we find clear evidence 50 miles from Manhattan.

Wish You Weren't Here

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While Americans wish POTUS a speedy recovery, some were probably wishing and hoping he would have stayed at the hospital.

Unfortunately, the USA political landscape is littered with disinformation and increasing foreign interference, and the free press must learn to navigate a dangerous digital landscape to truthfully report on each candidate and engage voters especially young people who traditionally stay away from the polls on Election Day.