NASA Anniversary


Happy Birthday to the real Space-force. The original and still the greatest National Aeronautics and Space Administration #NASA.

On this date, Christopher Columbus set sail to the new world and landed in America. Also, the space agency was officially born on July 29, 1958, when Republicans were real patriots and warriors. President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the National Aeronautics and Space Act bringing the agency into existence and global admiration. 

Kindness Matters


 I’ve been driving with my wife taking her to doctor appointments, food shopping, and other mundane chores. All I can say is WoW.

‘More like why is everyone acting so weird? In the past few years, the Republicans have turned brotherhood into a bad word. But if we take a closer look we see people behaving badly for a few years.

it seems that just about every day viral video becomes popular of another asshole on public transportation, at a store on the streets, and just about everywhere we look, people attacking their fellow human beings for no reason at all.

RIP: Vin Scully


He was born in The Bronx and cut his broadcasting teeth in Los Angeles. Vin Scully was the master voice of Major League Baseball.

Vincent Edward Scully was a retired American sportscaster. He was best known for his 67 seasons calling games for Major League Baseball's Los Angeles Dodgers, beginning in 1950 and ending in 2016.

Baseball fanatics who went to the ballpark would take their transistor radios with them to hear Vin explain to them what they were watching and what was happening on the field.

We… Prefer Joe


POTUS Joe Biden The Democrat is killing it in The Whitehouse for the USA and all the American people each and every single day.

POTUS44 Obama and VP Biden built the longest economic expansion in history then 45 the former guy who is a liar and a hyperlocal con artist who couldn't even build a wall ruined it all. Now POTUS 46 has had to clean up the mess left by a fat bastard.

We The People prefer Joe Biden. Since being elected and moving into our White House, President Biden has managed:

Putin, Prove it


The Hell he won't and that's because this #Russian is a liar, cheater, an international pariah, and a global cold-blooded butcher.

A United Nations intergovernmental international tribunal seated in The Hague is investigating Putin as a war criminal, so he wants to stay clear of their jurisdiction.


With all the flooding around us as a result of global warming, scientists are now warning that all rainwater is extremely dangerous to us.

Do you remember all the years the #Republicans supported by the former guy spent telling lies about everything under the Sun, including climate change? Tell that to the #American people suffering in Kentucky, Missouri, Texas, California, and everywhere else.

Now come word that rainwater contains cancer-causing ‘forever chemicals’ From the Arctic to the Tibetan Plateau, the rainwater is ‘unsafe to drink’



POTUS  "Justice has been delivered" in U.S. strike killing al-Qaida leader al-Zawahri; "this terrorist leader is no more." 

President Joe Biden and his Democrat predecessor managed to get to the bottom of 9/11 once and for all to eliminate terrorist toppers from the face of the earth and make the planet safer.2011/2022 Trump reportedly never wanted to take out top al-Qaeda target al-Zawahiri because he didn't recognize his name, Why did he not recognize him? Because he did not like to read intelligence briefings.

Health Equals Happiness


Herophilus was born c. 335 BC, Chalcedon, Bithynia, and died in bc. 280), He was an Alexandrian physician who was an early performer of public dissections on human cadavers, and was often called the father of anatomy.



The United States Postmaster General Plans to Slash 50,000 Postal Service jobs over time claiming to reach a break even point.

Have you had many problems as we have had sending or receiving mail since the former guy appointed the present joyless disaster?

The U.S. Postal Service is reportedly shedding 50K positions from its rolls in a few years as part of Louis DeJoy’s plan to cut the agency’s financial losses, and will rely on natural attrition to make the cuts.